BOWLFIT videos and content were designed to minimise the guess work of using the app. The following information will answer more questions about how the app works and how your interation with the app is important to producing the right outcomes for you.


How do I get my training program?
To get your program, you must first register with the BOWLFIT app. Once registered, you can then subscribe via the 'Subscribe' tab within Coaches Corner. 

How much does it cost?
The app is free to download. Should you wish to upgrade to access a BOWLFIT training program, we offer you a single auto-renewable subscription option of just AUD $5.49 per month.

Can I start BOWLFIT if I’m injured?
In a word, no! The BOWLFIT programs are for healthy, uninjured participants. If you are injured, please seek medical advice and rehabilitation until you are fully recovered before you attempt the BOWLFIT programs. Before continuing with any training, we insist you seek help from a professional such as a sports physician and/or sports physiotherapist. Your medical practitioner should give you guidelines on your return to training and bowling. Once you get the all clear from your doctor or sports physiotherapist, you can restart the program.

How does BOWLFIT adapt my program?
BOWLFIT uses a range of information from your screening, your testing data levels and your season dates to ensure the the best program is delivered - specific to you. This is done to help you achieve your best physical bowling condition as safely as possible using an automated app.

Why do some of my sessions repeat?
Programs may repeat for bouts or periods of time in order for your body to adapt and help you reach your peak performance. Another reason may be that you are not logging your sessions; in which case, BOWLFIT is unable to progress your program. This restriction has been implemented for your safety and ensures that your program only ever delivers the correct programs for your fitness level. If you do not log your session, BOWLFIT assumes you have not completed the session and adapts your program accordingly! Take home message – please log all sessions on completion.

Can my status/training level change during the season?
The level you achieve at the start of the season (beginner, intermediate or advanced) will be your level for the rest of the season. As you improve your fitness level throughout the program however, your programs will still maintain their level of difficulty so you are always challenged. Providing you stick to your BOWLFIT program, you will receive an exceptional level of bowling conditioning delivered in the safest manner, specific to you. In the following season you may very well start at a higher level.

What happens to my program if I play back-to-back seasons?
If you are playing a season overseas after finishing your current season, you can go to your Profile and tap ‘Edit’. Once in editing options, you can alter your season dates to align with your new season. Your program will shift to the appropriate training phase to have you peaking at the right time for your new season.

Why do I have to log every session?
This is for your safety. Without logging your sessions, we cannot be sure that your fitness level is keeping up with the program. In order to unlock the progression of your sessions, we require this input so we have the best knowledge that you’re keeping up with your training schedule.

Is BOWLFIT safe to use?
Cricket and training for cricket - particularly fast bowling - places a high amount of unnatural stress on the body. Despite all the best precautions implemented in your automated program, the activities may lead to injury. From our experience, we have given you programs that have been successful on cricketers of similar age brackets and fitness levels. Without individually and personally assessing you, we cannot guarantee the app's programs will be ideal for you and should never replace cricket training specialists working directly with you.


Do I have to do the gym warm-up?

The gym warm-up is a combination of mobility and prehabilitation exercises which are essential in not only warming you up for your gym exercises, but also training and conditioning the key postural muscles - particularly around the hip, core and shoulder. These are very important for building the year-round foundation for optimal body function and improvement. Yes, you must do the gym warm-up as it is as important as the gym Main Sets.

How do I do approach the gym sessions?
In the gym sessions you will be completing ‘Supersets’. This is a style of training that keeps you moving and making the most of your time in the gym. If there are 3 exercises in ‘Superset 1’ (or ‘SS1’ as it may appear within the app), you complete a set of each of the exercises on the page one after the other, with the goal to complete a set of each exercise within the timer. Eg. If the timer is counting down from 3 minutes and you complete a set of each exercise in 2 minutes & 30 seconds, you will get 30 seconds rest before starting the process again until all the sets have been completed.

How will BOWLFIT know where to restart me if I have a break?
Upon returning to the BOWLFIT program after missing weeks of training, the BOWLFIT program will gradually reintroduce you to training and progress you cautiously.

How do I fit multiple sessions in 1 day?
As an individual trying to become better cricketer, there are several training components you need to fit in weekly - this may also sometimes require you to fit different training modes in on one day. In many instances we have tried to combine sessions so that you can complete one after the other. For example, gym straight into a flexibility session, or a running session combined with bowling. Remember, these are our best guidelines and it’s up to you how much of the program you can manage to do and how much you want to improve.


Why do the number of deliveries from my previous bowling session appear when I begin my next bowling session?

BOWLFIT programs are 'smart' - because of this, if you try to log two bowling sessions in a single day (e.g. because you forgot to log your previous bowling session), the app will automatically think you are doing two bowling sessions in one day. In this instance, it will show the total number of deliveries you have already recorded for that day. For best results and programming, please log deliveries bowled on the day you complete the bowling session.

Why do I start my pre-season program bowling at such low intensity?
To reintroduce you to bowling after a period of time off (like any physical activity), you need to start gradually. This is not rocket science, but clearly common sense. BOWLFIT gradually increases the volume and intensity of your training to help you get the best results for your body over a long period. Follow the prescribed program and in a short period of time, watch your pace improve.

Can I log more than one match per week?
Yes. We know that sometimes during your season, you may be expected to compete in several matches during one week. Through the 'Bowling Tracking' section (accessed via the side menu), you can use the 'Log' function to record all your matches to keep track of your bowling workload.


If I do my flexibility program straight after a training session, i.e. bowling, gym or conditioning, do I need to do the specific stretch down as well?

Great question - no! The ideal time to do your flexibility session is directly after one of your physical training sessions. This is due to the muscles still being warm from training, which allows a greater stretch, saves time by combining sessions and stops the muscles from tightening up after training.

Will the flexibility and stretch downs stop me from getting sore?
No! The stretch down after training is aimed at maintaining the muscle length and mobility of the joints. In contrast, the Flexibility sessions aim to increase the range of motion and muscle length in areas that have been identified as substandard in your testing. These sessions assist in increasing performance and correcting postural problems.

Prehabilitation supersets take almost the entire 3 or 4 minutes to complete, is this normal?
If you do this correctly, it should take time - the first few sessions you may even struggle to get it all finished. There is not, however, meant to be much rest and this should be physically challenging and difficult to get through. You can't fluff about, move from one exercise to another quickly and get it done.